Roberts Bakery


A complete customer delivery solution for Roberts Bakery.

As a family business, Roberts Bakery have been challenging traditions and shaking up baking since 1887. Growing from humble beginnings as a grocery store, which sold freshly baked bread to the residents of Northwich in the heart of Cheshire. Today the company delivers freshly baked goods to customers right across the North of England, North Wales and the Midlands.

Roberts Bakery required a more efficient method of processing customer deliveries from the main manufacturing plant in Northwich. All SAP sales orders and delivery processing were completed at the manufacturing plant. Drivers who delivered the product to the customers would manually write down all details of the delivery on paper such as; completed deliveries, customer issues, customer returns, equipment transfers and order amendments. When the drivers returned to the depot, the paperwork would be passed on to the customer service team who would update SAP accordingly. This manual process caused delays in updating orders from customer requests, delays in customer returns and proof of delivery for customer invoicing.

We implemented a complete customer delivery mobile solution using our SAP Proof of Delivery App on the Honeywell Movilizer platform. The entire process was automated and included functionality such as vehicle checks, customer order changes, returns and promotional marketing.

Robert’s has seen a complete removal of manual paper work as everything is now recorded using a mobile device with the data transferring to and from SAP using the Honeywell Movilizer platform.

“We operate 51 routes a day, up to 35 drops per route with each delivery up to 3 pieces of paper altogether Movilizer has removed 2.5 million pieces of paper" Chris Juster, Distribution Manager.

Watch the full case study video - Movilizer SAP POD Mobile Solution - Roberts Bakery here

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