PreBilt for SAP Proof of Delivery (POD)


Remove paperwork and improve delivery efficiency with our POD mobile application. 

With the ability to generate real-time proof of deliveries, the app allows efficient customer invoicing, visibility of customer orders, processing of customer returns and managing inventory movements all within the app. Information is sent directly back to SAP for immediate analysis, so you can take action and invoice without delay. 


Take a look at our POD app in use at Roberts Bakery, which utilised the solution to automate its delivery process, with the application including functionality such as vehicle checks, customer order changes, returns and promotional marketing.


Business Benefits

Reduce Delivery Paperwork

Eliminate the need for manual input to SAP. Real-time proof of delivery data is recorded using the driver’s device and is instantly visible in SAP.

Full Traceability

Track and monitor delivery progress in real-time. GPS coordinates are recorded via the driver’s device for visibility of any live delivery status at any time.

Real-Time Invoicing

All delivery confirmation notes are directly integrated into SAP in real-time, allowing more accurate and efficient invoicing.

Full Audit Trail

Images, comments and signatures are attached to the proof of delivery document and recorded within SAP, ensuring there is a full audit trail.

Promotional Marketing

The POD app offers the functionality to allow promotional product marketing information to be viewed by customers directly through the driver’s device.

Improve Delivery Speeds

Save drivers valuable time by removing the manual inbound and outbound vehicle checks. The driver’s mobile device will record all necessary information to let drivers get on the road quicker.

"The Config Team have in-depth knowledge of SAP logistics, both in its capability and how to best use the functionality in real –life situations."
Maureen Allison, Halewood International