PreBilt for Analytics


Generate live data from SAP to enable real-time metrics to be accessed on any device. 

A completely integrated solution, PreBilt™ for Analytics enables a live data feed direct from SAP, generating real-time metrics to help inform key operational decisions. Key insights enable users to have visibility of the live status of any activities across the end-to-end supply chain process.

Having access to these metrics at the touch of a button, from any device, helps the operations team ensure daily targets are met by being able to take prompt action to resolve any issues.



PreBilt for Analytics is included as standard with any combination of our SAP WM and EWM mobile applications.

The specific KPIs that are generated within the app are tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer.

The analytics app can be viewed on mobile devices, desktops, wall boards and more...

SAP Supply Chain Analytics Benefits
  • Real-time Visibility:
    Real-time access to key metrics, enabling informed business decisions to be made to increase operational efficiency.

  • Fully Automated:
    Eliminates the need for manual data analysis; source information is taken directly from SAP and displayed in a simple format on mobile devices.

  • Direct Connection:
    The analytics application makes a direct connection to SAP.
  • Live Status:
    The application features red, amber and green status updates to highlight where the current operational issues are.

  • Intuitive Interface:
    A simple and easy to navigate user interface ensures the right information can be easily accessed, while helping user engagement.