Live S/4HANA Demo Event

The 5 April saw our fourth live SAP demo, this time through Scott’s Pies, our mini pie factory. Showing every step of the logistics associated with the pie production process, shown live on both Embedded S/4 HANA warehousing and standalone EWM.

Guests watched how ingredients were received, putaway, issued to production and baked into delicious Scott’s Pies and saw real-time data updates recorded in SAP along the way.

As always, the morning kicked off with a bumper breakfast to give our guests plenty of energy to take a “tour” through Scott’s pie factory, especially constructed in our Consulting Office.

The tour began with a demonstration of how emergency orders for Chicken & Chorizo pies could be shipped to a retailer who had sold out. People are learning how good these pies are! Ingredients are then picked from the Embedded EWM warehouse and moved into production using radio terminals and Movilizer apps.

SAP Fiori was used to show the real-time data collected in S/4 HANA and present the typical warehouse KPIs presented in an easily consumed (see what I did there..) fashion on a tablet and smartphone.

The finished products were received via a conveyor, directly controlled by EWM and its Material Flow System.

The received pallets were sent to a variety of locations automatically selected by the EWM solution. Some were cross-docked, some sent to Quality Control and some putaway into the automated high-bay racking, again controlled directly by EWM.

Guest speaker Jonathan Edgar, SAP Extended Supply Chain Sales Manager, presented SAP S/4 logistics roadmap showing us the new toys coming along in the immediate future and explaining what roles the Embedded EWM could complete in a business, compared to Standalone or Sidecar EWM. Migration strategies were also discussed to help customers move to more effective warehousing solutions from older WM versions.

After passing the Quality Control process, the rather delicious pies were served with lunch to visitors!

We regularly run demo events, so if you would like to hear about the next one you can register for upcoming events here.

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