The Config Team announce a strengthening of our partnership with Centiq

We are delighted to have Centiq, a leading SAP S/4HANA and Linux specialist, onboard as strategic partners, helping us to deliver our SAP EWM First™ initiative. We have worked together extensively for over two years jointly delivering some hugely successful transformational customer projects and providing extended hours of support to our customers.

Applying The Config Team’s 24 year comprehensive background in SAP Logistics, EWM First™ is specifically designed to accelerate and simplify the customer’s journey which will subsequently result in a successful full-scale implementation of S/4HANA. EWM First™ really is the low risk to S/4HANA – and will reduce the pressures of both technical and functional teams, and significantly reduce the inherent corporate risks associated with big-bang migrations.

EWM is a market-leading warehouse solution and is available as part of the S/4HANA suite and the great news is, it can be implemented standalone. EWM on S/4HANA can be linked back to an older version of ECC and when ECC is replaced, then you simply connect it to your shiny new S/4 solution. EWM First™ gives you the chance to take your first step on the S/4 journey, learn your first lessons about S/4 and HANA, whilst concentrating in the Supply Chain improvements enabled through EWM functionality from SAP’s leading-edge warehouse solution.

The combination of The Config Team’s experience and industry renowned skill set in SAP Logistics and EWM, and Centiq’s expertise in S/4HANA enables the delivery deep product knowledge advice and implementation capabilities for our EWM Warehouse Management customers.

Our partnership will make it easier and faster to enable customers and businesses to leverage the capabilities of EWM on SAP S/4HANA. The combined expertise of both organisations is consolidated in a single solution by accelerating and simplifying adoption of both SAP EWM and S/4HANA, taking the pain away from sizing, platform design and management, as well as deployment. This enables our customers to focus on what matters most to them; getting logistics solutions enabled as quickly as possible. Our partnership equips us to determine best practices and optimise availability, delivering the very best response to our customers and their supply chain partners.

Andrew Moses, Managing Director of The Config Team commented:

“Our collaboration over the last 2 years, with both project work and with our joint support customers, has shown that Centiq share the same key values in subject matter depth for Basis and Infrastructure as The Config Team have for SAP Logistics. Both of our organisations lean on the other for trusted, specialist advice for the benefit of our customers. The Config Team have recently launched SAP EWM First™, this offers a low risk option for customers to gain huge momentum to start their journey to S/4HANA. Through our partnership with Centiq we can now help customers with our deep EWM expertise and Centiq’s deep knowledge of infrastructure and hosting. SAP EWM First™ offers rapid deployment options for customers to go-live to the end-state with warehouses large and small, either one at a time or in groups. This enables our customers to move to a base camp of Logistics, realising the benefits of the Supply Chain improvements, efficiency, and agility that EWM enables. Companies can then progress to a full-scale S/4HANA summit for the rest of the organisation, after becoming acclimatised to the S/4HANA infrastructure within their organisation. The awesome combination of Centiq and The Config Team proves the old adage that the whole can be more than the sum of its parts.”

Matt Lovell, CEO of Centiq commented:

“Centiq and the Config Team have worked together across a number of customer solutions and services, and have a fantastic cultural alignment, ethos, values and focus on the highest quality customer experience. We collectively recognised the customer challenges in considering, designing and maintaining mission critical warehouse management systems, particularly when combined with the deep reliance organisations have on scalability, performance and availability in this area. Developing and delivering SAP EWM First on SAP HANA was a fantastic opportunity to simplify this challenge for customers whilst enabling them to achieve warehouse start-ups and reconfigurations faster and more cost-effectively. Our organisations really enjoy working together, and it is really rewarding to see the combined benefits this has for our customers. Being awesome is just second nature to both of our organisations, so if customers want awesome, there is only one option.”

About Centiq

Centiq unifies people, processes and technology by delivering SAP quickly, reliably, smarter and at scale. Their focus is in building more agile ways of working for customers. They’re SAP HANA cloud and automation experts, having been in the infrastructure industry for 20 years.

From November to March we will be hosting a series of live and interactive sessions with a deeper look into our expertise. Our team will map out your route to EWM First™ basecamp, making the push for The S/4HANA Summit less of a challenge. Navigating you on the simplest path we will show how EWM First™ can lower risk and lower costs during your journey.

Click here to register for the EWM First™ Let's Get Started webinar, Wednesday, March 27 2019.