Movilizer vs SAP FIORI

FIORI is a free front end for SAP that significantly increases user experience. Movilizer is a mobile platform that we've used to build a library of easy to use apps with features like image capture, GPS and sign on glass.

We've been asked why we built our app library using Movilizer when FIORI is free. The truth is, FIORI is a fantastic piece of software that we highly recommend, when it's used for what it's intended for. But, FIORI wasn't designed for operational apps and has some serious limitations if you try to use it in that capacity. View our comparison table.

FIORI is not great for operational apps

FIORI falls short if you try to use if for operational apps. That’s why, even in SAP S/4HANA, people are using ITS for operational transactions, not FIORI. SAP focus on EWM, so if you’re on WM or IM, you’ll miss out.

There’s no risk with Movilizer

Our apps are already up and running in some of the world’s most complex supply chains. VW group chose Movilizer over Fiori.

Movilizer apps are pre-built

Which means you can get a rapid proof of concept and fast deployment. With FIORI, you have to go through the full project lifecycle and build apps from scratch. That’s more time, more effort and more money.

Designed by supply chain experts

The app library wasn’t built by programmers detached from a real-life warehouse environment. They were designed by our functional consultants, who’ve been implementing innovative supply chain solutions for over 20 years.

Movilizer is user friendly

Our apps are easily configured to show only the fields you need to complete the task. You can’t do this on FIORI.

You need HANA

If you use ECC 6.0 you’re going to miss out on all the advertised functionality of Fiori. Movilizer works on any SAP module.

We grow with your business

With Movilizer, you can easily add in extra apps if your business needs new functionality and take advantage of our ever expanding library of apps, at any time. With FIORI, if you want to change or add to your system you have to scrap what you currently have and start again.

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