Autocube™ 8200 Fixed Dimensioning


Connect Your Business to Rapid Return on Investment


Honeywell AutoCube™ 8200 gives speedy and accurate measurements of nearly any object and delivers critical business insights through data and analytics.


Business Benefits

Easily integrate it with industrial printers, barcode scanners, mobile computers, and printer media to benefit from a smarter working environment and the ultimate in secure, connected solutions. As part of the GR (Goods Receipt) process, Autocube uses the Honeywell Movilizer app platform to capture dimensions, send a message through SAP to the Autocube and returns information on screen for the operator to check. Once the operator has validated the information, the app updates the material master in SAP and includes an image of the dimensions.

Satisfied Customers

Faster customer cycle times and fewer errors make for more accurate revenue capture and higher customer satisfaction.

Smoother Processing

Turns laborious and time-consuming manual measurement of packages into a thing of the past.

Reduce Delays

By instantly and accurately capturing the dimensions of an object – even irregular shapes and sizes – companies can keep their lines moving.

Fewer Bottlenecks

Reduced shipping chargebacks and optimised warehouse space and processes for lower costs and increased throughput.

Advanced Technology

Using 3D depth-sensing technology, AutoCube automatically calculates the overall dimensions of a package in less than a second and to within 5 mm (0.2 in) accuracy.

Informed Decision-Making

Instant and precise measurements are quickly transmitted to WMS and shipping applications to optimise warehouse storage space and vehicle loads and reduce shipping costs.

Bespoke Measuring Settings

Validate the number of items per unit of measure i.e. 1 pallet = 10 cases etc. through unique customer settings.

Evidence Storage

Features integrated photographs and data for instant claims verification.

Weighing Scale Integration

Autocube doesn’t just measure the dimensions, it can also capture the weight of a package through seamless integration with weighing scales.

Shape Recognition

Ensures virtually any object no matter what the shape – and does it in less than a second, over and over again. Odd package size and shape? Autocube gives straightforward, accurate dimensions.


Autocube 8200

Compact, easy-to-use design, Honeywell AutoCube 8200 brings automatic, accurate dimensioning technology.