Alternative to SAP ITS Mobile


Is it time to modernise your outdated SAP mobility solution? 

Mobile apps within your SAP supply chain are great, but not if they are outdated, hard to understand and not user friendly. 

If this sounds familiar, PreBilt™ could be the solution for you...

Designed with the end user in mind, PreBilt offers a suite of applications that are feature rich and future proofed for SAP warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centre operations. 



“With our legacy system, operators would not even use it, they would write down the information they had worked on throughout the day and then sit at a computer for 30 minutes and type it all in. This led to a really big stock inaccuracy with people forgetting what they had done, going home with a list of transactions in their pocket or writing down the wrong number and moving the wrong pallet.”

- Alan Talbot, Project Systems Manager - Twinings 

SAP ITS Mobile Conversion

If you already have ITS Mobile, there is no need to start from scratch with new apps for these processes. We will just replace the presentation layer, effectively wrapping the ITS transaction with a new frontend so there is no need to develop any new code for the transaction. This way you can benefit from the enhanced user interface of PreBilt, without building new apps straight away. 


  • Conversion process only replaces ITS presentation layer.
  • No resource needed to change transaction ABAP code.
  • Enhanced screen layout configuration including; scrolling, drop down menus, picture display and defined keyboard selection.
  • ITS transaction function wrapped with PreBilt frontend to retain all custom functionality, while benefitting from enhanced UI.
  • Ability to capitalise on enhanced functionality of PreBilt.
  • App screens resize to devices being used with no additional development required.