Twinings enjoy a delicious blend of SAP solutions

Holder of a Royal Warrant, Twinings has a world famous, 300-year, reputation. Steeped in history, they have occupied the same premises for its original tea shop, on The Strand, since 1706.
Nowadays, Twining’s operations span the globe with over 45 production lines across manufacturing sites in the UK, Poland and China.

Twinings needed a replacement to their existing case labelling software as it was end-of-life. The software was used at their UK, Polish and Chinese production sites so any replacement had to be compatible with the demands of each site’s processes.

CodingControl connects SAP directly to all of Twinings’ case labelling machines. Now, label templates are selected, and required data is sent automatically, from SAP. CodingControl removes the need to enter any labelling data manually, so operators are only responsible for previewing and approving labels.

The CodingControl user interface, which enables operators to control all devices from a central cockpit, was translated into to the local site language for each of the production sites. It also determines which data is needed for the label template, depending on the country that the product is to be shipped to.

CodingControl also enables the Twinings’ robot palletisers to retrieve stacking patterns and product dimensions, straight from SAP, which again, removed another manual process.

Each of the three sites went live without a hitch, and all with just remote support from The Config Team.

CodingControl is a global solution that has allowed Twinings to remove manual processes and enjoy greater operational efficiency as a result.

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