Support for the SAP Supply Chain

Effective and flexible support to maintain efficient supply chain operations at all times. 

We know that warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities are not 9 – 5 businesses, so our flexible approach provides you with access to experienced SAP technical experts on-demand, 24 hours a day.

Support is much more than issue resolution; our support team provides strategic planning, proactive maintenance and monitoring and problem management with root cause analysis.

In addition to being able to contact our UK-based support team at any time, our support customers also benefit from the expertise of our wider team, with more than 70 SAP consultants available to share insights, knowledge and experience.

A true business partner, we effectively maintain SAP systems to meet long-term needs.

Our flexible support service ensures we can meet individual requirements, enabling you to build your own support package to make sure it works for your business. 
While there is a standard framework of inclusive services for each level of support, you can add optional services, if required, that will be of benefit to your operation. This approach allows you to choose the level of support needed for specific day-to-day requirements, while ensuring there is the capability to deal with inevitable unexpected issues that arise. We operate a ticket-based process, with a simple to use helpdesk portal, where all requests can be raised and tracked at any time. 

"A true partnership relationship, The Config Team are always aware of the need to deliver success for the end client."
Maureen Allison, Halewood International