Send Device Data Back to SAP

Sending information from SAP to your print devices and vision systems reduces cost and risk in your manufacturing process. But really, two-way communication between devices and SAP is better.

CodingControl offers two-way connectivity between SAP and your production line devices so relevant information can be sent back from the devices too.

And, because CodingControl sends the same label template information to both print and vision systems, you can be confident that your coding is always under complete control.

It's a native, SAP certified solution

CodingControl is SAP certified and requires no middleware for it to work. That means less to install, and less to maintain.

Unbeatable ROI

Fast and simple implementation means you can be reducing your coding errors in no time.

Get real-time production stats within SAP

Send real-time, actual batch counts based on labels printed, back to SAP giving a production count against each SAP production order. And, by sending vision system errors back to SAP, it becomes possible to monitor differences in preview and printed labels without monitoring the production line directly. Vision error counts are also recorded against SAP production orders for audit purposes.

Improve maintenance and reduce downtime

View, manage and print consumable levels across your devices centrally within SAP. Plus, send low-ink alerts to maintenance staff on mobile devices so that consumables can be managed during changeovers.

"We chose CodingControl for the seamless, configurable SAP integration that it provides… it’ll offer significant improvements in both accuracy and efficiency of our print processes"
Sergi Lopez, Coty