About YardMap

YardMap is a front-end user interface to SAP’s Yard Management, that gives you an at-a-glance, virtual snapshot of your yard. YardMap uses standard SAP Yard Management functionality but greatly improves your user experience as SAP’s Yard Management doesn’t have its own visualisation tool.

YardMap allows your transport team to visualise and manage your yard, doors, trailers and SAP document assignment. With drag and drop functionality and colour coding, you can easily move trailers and map spaces in your virtual yard.

There's no middleware

No 3rd party software is needed so all data remains within the SAP ERP system. YardMap turns the multiple ALV lists of data that SAP uses into an easily understandable user interface.

It’s easy to use

No need for extensive user training. YardMap is configurable so it matches the physical layout of your yard and is managed by simply dragging and dropping.

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