Movilizer for SAP Logistics

Mobility in the warehouse can dramatically improve productivity, provide better resource utilisation and increase efficiency.

It is estimated that mobile usage now represents 65% of digital media time, whilst the desktop is becoming a "secondary touch point" for an increasing number of digital users. The need for efficiency is paramount and, for businesses to ensure future growth, mobile solutions are an essential prerequisite for supply chain, logistics and transportation, as they offer benefits that the desktop simply cannot compete with.

"Since implementing Movilizer our new staff training time has gone from 4 days to 2 hours" (Movilizer Customer)


Introducing Movilizer

Movilizer is a leading Global Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), a Honeywell company that empowers businesses to realise their digital transformation and deploy agile strategies.

Honeywell Movilizer

The simple intuitive solution for rapid barcode scanning and data entry with a market leading interface that allows quick uptake in the warehouse for fast results.

Movilizer delivers all the functionality needed for a fully integrated, end to end SAP warehouse logistics solution, including 3PLs, in a way that’s really easy for the operator to use.

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The benefits of Movilizer for SAP logistics

Providing real-time access to SAP functions in a very simple user interface, the benefits of Movilizer in the warehouse are significant and include:


Increasing productivity

Mobile handsets increase productivity by reducing the time users need to move from station to station.


Monitoring performance, any time, anywhere

Instead of walking to a computer terminal to enter information, users can enter it instantly wherever they are. In addition the use of mobile solutions also reduces the ‘water cooler’ impact resulting in more productivity and less wasted time.


Decreasing date delays

Connected mobile devices prevent duplication of other’s efforts. Users have instant access to updated order status information and other information, for fast, accurate answers.


Providing real-time information

Real-time insights provide users with accurate inventory and order status information. There are no delays when answering custom queries, as users will always know if items are in stock. Real-time data ensures that, no matter where users are in the warehouse, what they see on the system is the same as everyone else in the company sees.


Preventing wasted time

Providing users with helpful access to real-time statistics regarding the warehouse’s overall productivity prevents time being wasted whilst moving from bin to bin.


Making job completion easier

Movilizier utilises auto-ID and barcode scanning functionality which enables fast, accurate and easy data entry. As there is little or even no manual data entry required errors are eliminated.


Finding inventory fast

Locate bins, shelves, and other inventory locations quickly and easily. Users can save time searching for items and storage space, by accessing the information they need, when they need it.


Faster picking, packing and shipping

When users know where inventory is located, they can pick, pack and ship faster. Less time wasted means more time to fulfill orders.


Avoiding data gaps

Movilizer solutions help your warehouse run efficiently and seamlessly connect with your ERP to help your front and back offices view and access necessary, up-to-date information with no missing or delayed data.


Fuelling business growth and profitability

More work in less time fuels business growth and profitability. With the right data solutions and warehouse management options, your entire workforce can work faster and smarter, rather than harder, to increase profits.


Easy Integration with 3PLs

Movilizer works on the cloud so it can be easily integrated with 3PLs without the need for access to your internal network. This can’t be done with other, more ordinary systems such as ITS.

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