Mobile Picking and Packing for IM

To satisfy your customer demands you need to pick and pack your deliveries accurately and quickly. Our Pick and Pack App allows you to pick stock based on transfer orders assigned to outbound deliveries.

The app guides the user to the right location of the stock to be picked, based on the transfer order. Once picked and packed, the app can be used to compare what what should be packed onto the pallet with what's actually been packed so there's no risk of sending out the wrong stock or an incomplete order.
Finally, a label can be printed and applied to the pallet.

The real-time information update in SAP means you can track what's been sent for a delivery
and keep your customers happy.

Remove paper based processes

No need for paper pick lists that can cause inaccuracies or go missing.

Configured to work your way

Add in your own packaging materials to select when creating a pallet.

"The main benefits we’ve seen have been in stock accuracy and pick accuracy. Also utilising more of the SAP functionality and utilising best practice to allow for further improvements."
Maureen Allison, Halewood International