Try-before-you-buy mobile SAP logistics demo app

The Config Team are proud to launch a brand new demo app that lets users experience the look and feel of their most popular SAP logistics apps for themselves.

The app provides users with sample data so they can complete tasks within the app just as they would in real life, on the shop floor.

Within the single demo app, users can experience five different SAP logistics apps, covering inbound, outbound, internal and production. Users can try out how Goods Receipt, Packing & Loading, Physical Inventory, Stock Enquiry and Issue to Production Order processes work on a mobile device of their choosing, even their smartphones.

The demo app also showcases The Config Team’s new user interface. Previously, users had to navigate using drop down menus that required a slender finger (and a bit of patience) or a stylus to select tasks, which isn’t always practical on a busy shop floor.
With the new interface, operators can expect the same ease of use that they get from their smartphone. Users are presented with a screen of large, eye catching buttons so they can quickly navigate to the task they require. The user-friendly, intuitive screen means that businesses using the apps don’t need to worry about staff training. Also, for the purposes of the demo app, the interface also lets users open “how to” guides and videos of the app in action.

“We’ve been creating mobile apps to replace paper-based processes for years but this is the first time we’ve been able to say to our customers, download and experience some sample apps and see how they feel for yourself. I hope this will be a really useful tool for any organisation out there trying to decide if mobilising their logistics processes is the right thing for them.” Andrew Moses, CEO, The Config Team.

The Config Team have built a library of 100+ mobile apps that mobilise every process from the moment stock leaves a supplier, right through warehousing and production and up to the point of customer delivery. Mobilising these processes allows businesses to reduce waste, whilst improving efficiency and accuracy.

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