Voice Technology

Many businesses are facing the duel challenge of reducing operating costs, and increasing process accuracy.

If that sounds like your organisation, then voice technology could be the answer.

We can help you connect voice technology to SAP, without middleware. So, when your users complete jobs on the shop floor, SAP will update in real-time. Job satisfaction and productivity will increase as users will no longer be slowed down by paperwork or cumbersome handheld devices.

Plus, if you have an international workforce voice technology can adapt to understand different accents and languages.

If you’d like to see a demo of voice technology and chat about how it could work for you, then get in touch.

It can be optimised for challenging environments

Voice devices can be optimised to work in challenging conditions such as noisy environments, temperature controlled areas etc.

Works with different languages, accents and dialects

We’ve all experienced the frustration of an automated service not recognising what we’re saying. But, voice for logistics can adapt to the user’s speech patterns.

It easily connects to SAP EWM or WM

Your SAP system directs and performs all business logic processes, before using ITS to transmit job details to the user, without any need for middleware.

It improves efficiency

Voice technology will give you quantifiable worker productivity and accuracy gains, for positive ROI.

It reduces the cost of replacing devices

Voice technology uses ergonomic wearable devices such as headsets, so the risk of breakage through dropping is minimised.

Job satisfaction is improved

Voice technology is easy to use, requires little training and because it’s hands-free, provides a better working experience. This helps keep labour costs down as retention increases.