Mobile Results Recording

The Results Recording App allows you to assess the quality of your stock based on your required criteria, such as colour, taste or visual checks. Users enter the results of an inspection and, depending on the results, the app will then issue a usage decision as "accept", or "reject." Accepted items are given the status "unrestricted"
and rejected items go into "blocked status."

When stock is rejected, users can take a photo of the item and sign the transaction to help your audit trail and traceability.

It records an image

After recording the results, the app can snap an image and save it straight to SAP.

Sign on glass

Track who assessed your stock with the sign on glass feature.

"The Config Team are a professional and personable team who deliver actions on time. Their extensive knowledge of SAP logistics means it’s very rare to get the response “I don’t know” from any of the people I worked with."
Nigel Baker, Kraft Heinz