SAP EWM Live Demo

On 9th March we joined forces with SAP to host our first Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) round table. The aim of the day was to demonstrate EWM capability in managing automation, voice picking, barcode devices and packing and show its super simple user interface.

We perhaps should have warned the attendees that the name “round table” was a little deceptive. Instead of sitting, guests were watching the demo happen live inside our very own mini warehouse. In fact, the only table present was the one used for the rather scrumptious breakfast buffet (thanks to Andrew for the freshly baked croissants and Carolyn for the home made flapjack).

We knew from the first time we sat down with Mike Wade, European Supply Chain Sales Manager from SAP, to plan the demo that we wanted it to be more than just a PowerPoint presentation. It was important to show the system live in action and the best way we could think of to do that was to create our own warehouse (just scaled down to fit into our office) and have members of The Config Team playing the part of warehouse operators.

So for the days leading up to the demo, we had to go a bit Blue Peter. We broke out the cardboard boxes and sticky tape and built our own warehouse, complete with storage units, automation and production lines. The Blue Peter badge definitely goes to Andy Taberner (and his kids) for building a moving conveyor belt!

On the day, attendees were shown how easy it is to query stock figures and create and release pick waves using the SAP Fiori user interface. The pick waves were executed from a variety of locations; some from the directly controlled automated high-bay racking via the conveyor, some parts were sourced from small-parts picking using Vocollect voice control and yet others picked using barcode scanning radio terminals.

The pick waves allowed some parts to be sent to the lineside bins in the production area, as well as direct to the customer. When receipts from production were made, some were cross-docked to satisfy outstanding customer orders and some putaway in the automated high-bay. The goods shipped to customers were tracked and a proof-of-delivery, that included GPS co-ordinates, signature-on-glass and photo, was received. Supplier receipts were putaway to an automatically selected range of locations with stock updates, task tracking and reporting being shown through easy-to-use screens.

We’re happy to say the demo was a great success with Matt Atherton, Supply Chain Sales from SAP, saying it was “the best EWM demo I’ve ever seen!”

If you didn’t get a chance to see our mini EWM warehouse in action on the 9th March, don’t worry, we’ll be hosting another round table (minus the table) on the 22nd June.

To reserve a place call Ian on 07802 861468.

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