IDoc Management Console


Failed IDocs can cause your SAP and external systems to become out of sync, causing discrepancies in stock figures and inaccurate stock counts.This in turn can lead to poor production planning, unfulfilled orders and ultimately, dissatisfied customers.

It is essential that you monitor and react to failed IDocs quickly, but standard SAP doesn’t allow you to do this. Instead, you have the task of sifting through several transactions and the technical information, whilst having to navigate a poor user interface to get to the information you need.

Business Benefits

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive user interface allows you to navigate tasks quickly and easily.

Faster reprocessing

View multiple document failures and reprocess as a common failure ‘group’ to cut down on processing time.

Fully integrated

Analyse and manage data flow right across your organisation via one fully integrated management application.

Instant access

Instant visibility of all interfaces between SAP and external systems without the need for viewing several transactions.

No additional development required

Reprocess or reset the status of failed IDocs from within your SAP system.


IDoc Management Console

Get instant visibility of interfaces between SAP and your external systems in one transaction.