SAP FIORI - Simplifying the User Interface

SAP is great for functionality but it’s not always the best when it comes to how user friendly it is.

You need a user interface that’s simple and intuitive so users can complete their daily tasks easily,
without extensive training.

FIORI gives you an easy-to-use dashboard that can be personalised to your needs, plus you can use it on any device, including smartphones.

Improves productivity

In standard SAP users have to remember, or look up, lots of transaction codes to complete their tasks. FIORI houses everything users need to do their job in one intuitive cockpit so tasks can be completed more quickly.

Boosts user adoption

The appealing user interface can be tailored to key tasks and activities so it streamlines processes and makes the user’s job easier.

Increases compliance

Data quality is improved because FIORI makes it easier to enter information into your system.

Reduces training and support costs

The simple, role based screens mean that new users can get the hang of it fast, and the risk of data input error is minimised.