Switching to EWM doesn't need to be painful

On the 28th September we took our SAP EWM demo on the road to host a live demo at SAP HQ in Middlesex.

Instead of the walk through demo we usually run at our Consulting Offices up in Skelmersdale, we hosted a table top version which gave us the perfect excuse to get out our toy trucks and fork lifts- purely for educational purposes of course!

Attendees got to see how they could switch from SAP WM to EWM with minimum disruption to operations and then they were treated to a live demo of the additional functionality that EWM offers such as:

- Automation via SAP's material flow system

- Voice picking

- Cross docking

- Complex pick waves

- RFID links to SAP direct without middleware

- Mobile logistics apps


If you missed this event and would like to hear about the next one you can register for upcoming events.

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