SAP WM Consulting

We’re an agile warehouse management consultancy that’s able to slot in where we’re needed. It doesn’t matter if you need help with blueprint design, testing or implementation, we’re happy to work with you as part of a larger project team or take full responsibility for the whole SAP WM project. Whichever works best for you.

With WM we can advise on the best methods of implementing stock rotation, batch management, serial numbers, storage units, handling units, production staging, labelling, use of radio frequency (RF) and RFID devices and how to implement ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notifications) coming into, and going out, of your site.

The right solution for today and tomorrow

Solutions are designed with your future needs in mind. We use a template approach so you can roll out our solutions to other warehouses and even globally if you need to.

SAP WM Logistics is what we do, every day

We’re experienced functional and technical WM Consultants for blueprint design, testing and implementation project phases.

Joint or sole project ownership

It’s your choice. Either you do it and we support you, or we do it all for you.

We’ve got 50+ pre-built, off the shelf SAP solutions available

We’ve been doing this for years so it’s likely we have an out of the box, tried and tested solution already available.

"A true partnership relationship, The Config Team are always aware of the need to deliver success for the end client."
Maureen Allison, Halewood International