SAP Shop Floor Integration


Warehouse management can sometimes feel like more of an art than a science. You’re the conductor trying to get everything and everyone working in harmony. So, if your processes and people aren’t singing from the same hymn sheet or could do with fine tuning, we can help.



Our SAP Shop Floor Integration service will show you how to:



✔   Track your stock from the warehouse right through to the end of production.



✔   Improve the handover between manufacturing and your stock handling teams.



✔;   Connect your printing, coding and vision systems to SAP so you don’t have to manually input data.



✔   Get real time accurate stock measurements and proactive notifications of production line consumables shortfalls.



✔   Get the right quality management inspection processes.



✔   Seamlessly replenish production staging areas or implement Kanban storage.



✔   Maximise uptime and reduce waste.



Sound like music to your ears?


SAP Logistics is what we do, every day

You don’t need SAP experts, you need SAP Logistics experts. We know our stuff when it comes to warehousing, production and the supply chain. We started out in complex industries such as Pharma and Food so we’re no strangers to complicated warehousing and distribution

Get systems and people working together, with timely input into SAP

Get device and system integration with two-way interfacing with SAP. Solutions are designed with the operator in mind with easy to use configurable systems, reducing your reliance on IT departments.

The right solution for today and tomorrow

Solutions are designed with your future business needs in mind. We use a template approach so you can roll out our solutions to other warehouses and even globally

Paperless manufacturing processes

Get electronic authorisations/sign-off and real time tracing of stock movement.

"The Config Team have in-depth knowledge of SAP logistics, both in its capability and how to best use the functionality in real –life situations."
Maureen Allison, Halewood International