Mobile Loading for IM

Your pickers have done a great job picking the right stock and delivering it to your busy outbound marshalling area. But there’s still a risk of the wrong thing going to the wrong customer, or a delivery leaving with an incomplete customer order. When this happens your reputation is damaged.

Our loading transaction makes sure the right pallet goes on the right truck without exception. It will also alert you if there’s something left in the marshalling bay by mistake, so you can make sure it gets on the truck before it leaves.

Deliver great customer service

Getting it right first time keeps your customers happy and loyal. Plus, you save time because you don’t have to process returns and send out undelivered stock.

Customer deliveries are fulfilled in full, first time, every time

Ensure your delivery trucks don’t leave with an incomplete order or deliver the wrong order to a customer.

"The Config Team are an engaging, fun and supportive service provider that have a real personal approach. They understand the demands of the logistics arena, providing a great balance of pragmatism with professionalism."
Trevor Barrett, Premier Foods