Mobile Physical Inventory for EWM

You always need an accurate picture of what is in each bin at any given time. Our Physical Inventory Apps come in various flavours covering planned or ad hoc counts, just counting, or counting and clearing in one operation. You won’t need any more paperwork and you won’t have to rely on someone punching in stock count data into SAP. It’s all recorded and synced with SAP in real time.

It’s fast and accurate

Scanning barcodes minimises manual data entry which means fewer mistakes, and a massive speed increase. Counting becomes five times faster.

Images of count can be captured and stored on SAP

The counter isn’t always the person authorised to write off the stock. An actual image of the stock can be recorded so the relevant people can see any discrepancies.

Choose if you want to show quantity or do a blind count

You can switch certain fields on or off so you can choose to show or hide quantity if you want to do a blind count.

Comments can be recorded and stored on SAP

The counter can add a comment to help supervisors decide if they want to post the difference or request a recount.

"Great team, who assimilate really well into the business, they quickly become part of the internal delivery team."
Maureen Allison, Halewood International