SAP Logistics Performance Healthcheck

You’re already live, but you’re concerned that certain areas of your warehousing/ manufacturing operation haven’t improved as much as you thought they would.

Our SAP Logistics Performance Healthcheck will help you identify areas for improvement and then prioritise and schedule them into manageable work packages that can be implemented over a given time frame.

Because we’ve been enhancing SAP WM and EWM for years we’ve built up a library of solutions that we’re happy to demo, so you can have complete confidence that the solution will work before you commit.

SAP Logistics is what we do, every day

You don’t need SAP experts, you need SAP Logistics experts. We know our stuff when it comes to warehousing, production and the supply chain. We started out in complex industries such as Pharma and Food so we’re no strangers to complicated warehousing and distribution.

The right solution for today and tomorrow

Solutions are designed with your future business needs in mind. We use a template approach so you can roll out your solution to other warehouses, and even globally if you need to.

Independent, honest advice - no sales pitch

We don’t have any affiliations so we’re not here to promote any specific products or companies. All we want is to find the right solution for you.

Fixed price service

Get value for money and fantastic return on investment from this fixed price service.

"The Config Team are an engaging, fun and supportive service provider that have a real personal approach. They understand the demands of the logistics arena, providing a great balance of pragmatism with professionalism."
Trevor Barrett, Premier Foods