Independent SAP Logistics Design Authority

One of the biggest headaches with implementing SAP logistics modules is there’s lots of ways you can do it. You need the right build level and functionality to suit your needs for today, and tomorrow, but how do you know what that is?

Over our years of experience implementing SAP WM and EWM we have developed a balanced scorecard system that allows you to determine the right SAP logistics solution for your needs. It’s not one-size-fits-all, it’s not salesman led, it’s led by you, for you.

For any upgrades or implementations you do need we make sure standard functionality is being adhered to and any custom developments are designed and built using SAP standard building blocks. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re getting an optimised solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing processes.

And, if you’ve already embarked on a project, our experienced solution architects can work independently of a separate consultancy to ensure that the proposed solution makes sense and is consistent with the project’s objectives.

The right solution for today and tomorrow

Solutions are designed with your future business needs in mind. We use a template approach so you can roll out your solutions to other warehouses and even globally if you need to.

We’re respectful of your current design and SAP team

Whether you want us to vet blueprints in the implementation phase, or after go-live, we will strive to find a complementary solution to your current setup.

SAP Logistics is what we do, every day

You don’t need SAP experts, you need SAP Logistics experts. We know our stuff when it comes to warehousing, production and the supply chain. We started out in complex industries such as Pharma and Food so we’re no strangers to complicated warehousing and distribution.

Independent, honest advice - no sales pitch

We’re not here to promote any specific products or companies. All we want is to find the right solution for you.

"Consistency in delivery is very important. Seeing a project all the way from design through to build and go- live support with the same team definitely ensures a good project is delivered and in the shortest possible time. It also allows for good knowledge transfer to the internal team. The Config Team guys become real trusted advisers as they learn so much through the entire project life cycle."
Maureen Allison, Halewood International