The magnitude of SAP EWM, shown in a very mini warehouse

The 22nd June saw our second live SAP EWM demo, this time with a special feature on how to migrate from SAP WM to EWM.

As always the morning kicked off with a bumper breakfast to give our guests plenty of energy to take a “tour” through a mini warehouse, especially constructed in our Consulting Office.

The tour began with a demonstration of how a business would approach moving an existing warehouse and production facility from SAP WM to EWM, with minimal disruption. Then the next stop on the tour was the RFID station. Guests were shown how they could track materials throughout their warehouse, using RFID tags attached to cases or pallets. The tags are read as they pass by an RFID reader and their location is automatically and seamlessly updated in SAP, in real-time, as a consequence.

SAP FIORI was also used to show guests how to query stock figures and create and release pick waves. The pick waves were executed from a variety of locations; some from the directly controlled automated high-bay racking via a crane and conveyor, some parts were sourced from a small-parts picking area using Vocollect Voice Direct for EWM, and yet others picked using handheld barcode scanning radio frequency terminals.

The pick waves allowed some parts to be sent to the lineside bins in the production area, as well as direct to the customer. When receipts from production were made, some were cross-docked to satisfy outstanding customer orders and some putaway in the automated high-bay. The goods shipped to customers were tracked and a proof-of-delivery, that included GPS co-ordinates, signature-on-glass and photo, was received. Supplier receipts were putaway to an automatically selected range of locations with stock updates, task tracking and reporting being shown all in the EWM Warehouse Monitor.

The event also served as a launch for our brand new Movilizer demo app. The demo app allows users to experience the look and feel of the most popular SAP logistics apps, including Goods Receipt, Stock Enquiry, Physical Inventory, Issue to Production and Packing and Loading.

If you’re interested in trying out the app for yourself, here’s how to download it.

We regularly run demo events, so if you want to hear about the next, register here.

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