SAP EWM Consulting

SAP EWM offers amazing functionality and state of the art solutions for your warehousing. If you’re thinking about automation, need serialisation or have a large or fluctuating labour force SAP EWM might be just the tool you need.

But, all that functionality can be a weakness rather than a strength. Knowing which elements of functionality you should switch on and which you should switch off can get complicated. Turn off too much and you could limit your functionality and damage efficiency. Turn on too much and you could end up with a very confusing system for your users. We can help you find the right balance between practicality and operational efficiency.

We take a flexible approach to our SAP EWM project consulting that allows us to slot in where we’re needed. It doesn’t matter if you need help with blueprint design, testing or implementation, we’re happy to work with you as part of a larger project team or take full responsibility for the whole SAP EWM project. Whichever works best for you.

The right solution for today and tomorrow

Solutions are designed with your future business needs in mind. We use a template approach so you can roll out your solution to other warehouses, and even globally if you need to.

More EWM projects than any other consultancy

You need functional and technical EWM Consultants that are experienced in blueprint design, testing and implementation project phases. We've got the largest pool of EWM talent in the UK.

We’ve got 50+ pre-built, off the shelf SAP solutions available

We’ve been doing this for years so it’s likely we have an out of the box, tried and tested solution already available.

Joint or sole project ownership

It’s your choice. Either you do it and we support you, or we do it all for you.

"The Config Team are a professional and personable team who deliver actions on time. Their extensive knowledge of SAP logistics means it’s very rare to get the response “I don’t know” from any of the people I worked with."
Nigel Baker, Kraft Heinz