3PL Integration Consulting

If you partner with, or use Third Party Logistics provider (3PL), the chances are you will, at some point, need to interface to one or many of their current systems. Likewise, you may require your 3PLs interface to your SAP system.

The ultimate goal of 3PL integration is to have real-time, end-to-end supply chain traceability, allowing you to provide the best possible customer service. 3PL integration is great when you have it. The problem is, it’s notoriously difficult to implement and if it’s done badly it becomes a nightmare.

That’s why we created a number of out-of-the-box solutions and pre-defined idoc templates that accelerate interfacing to and from your 3PLs. Our years of experience integrating with multiple third-party platforms such as Manhattan, Autostore and Red Prairie for multi-national companies has taught us that testing is everything. So we developed automated testing tools and a SAP Certified error management tool meaning you can be confident your 3PL integration works.

Get systems and people working together, with timely input into SAP

Get device and system integration with two-way interfacing with SAP. Solutions are designed with the operator in mind with easy to use configurable systems, reducing your reliance on IT departments.

SAP Logistics is what we do, every day

You need someone with a wealth of experience integrating both third party warehousing systems and third party transportation systems.

We’ve got 50+ pre-built, tried and tested SAP solutions available

We’ve been doing this for years so it’s likely we already have an out of the box, tried and tested solution already available.

Full SSCC integration to SAP available if you need it

If you need to send or receive specific case/pallet info from vendors or customers using ASN. We’ve got it covered.

"The same consultants worked on my project throughout, so the project didn’t suffer any delays. Since working with The Config Team we enjoy simplified processes and reduced costs."
Nigel Baker, Kraft Heinz