RFID tags allow you to track your stock right from the inbound delivery process, through your warehousing, production, outbound processes and right up to point of delivery. That means you can see a full audit of your systems, all of the time.

It’s quicker than scanning barcodes because RFID tags don’t have to be in the line of site of the reader and multiple tags can be scanned at once. So, you can pass an entire pallet through your RFID reader and instantly record its contents.

We can help you link RFID directly to SAP, without middleware, giving you
real-time, accurate stock data for your supply chain.

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Removes the need of big audit checks

With RFID you can access a real-time, full audit of your system at any time, so you don’t need to undertake time consuming and labour intensive stock takes.

It saves time

RFID tags save the time it takes to scan barcodes or fill in paperwork. The stock simply passes through the reader and the data is immediately available in SAP.

Supports serialisation of products

RFID tags can be encoded with electronic product codes for unique identification of products and handling units.

It’s reduced in price

When RFID first came on the market the tags were very expensive. More recently, the cost of tags has come down massively making your return on investment much more positive.