Mobile Receipt and Putaway for EWM

Whether by transportation unit, shipment, delivery, advanced shipping notification, or door, our receipt and putaway apps make it quick and easy for you to unload, receipt and putaway stock into your warehouse.

Get real-time location of stock in SAP

Once scanned stock can be immediately allocated to a resource and moved to a work centre, or its final destination, in real-time.

It's flexible

Complete multiple functions from within one transaction or simply perform each step of the process individually.

Get visibility of unloading status

You can see the unloading status of a TU, shipment, ASN or door in real-time.

It easy to use

Simply scan to unload, receipt and/ or putaway each pallet.

"The Config Team are a professional and personable team who deliver actions on time. Their extensive knowledge of SAP logistics means it’s very rare to get the response “I don’t know” from any of the people I worked with."
Nigel Baker, Kraft Heinz