Halewood International


Halewood International raise a glass to greater supply chain efficiency

Halewood International Holdings plc. has grown from a start-up company to become the UK’s largest independent drinks manufacturer and distributor, with a turnover in excess of £270 million and employing more than 1,000 people worldwide.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Halewood since 2008, when they first implemented SAP WM with RF scanners. In 2012, we implemented our Live Label Link SAP bolt-on which links SAP to their new palletisers and managed these interfaces with our SAP Certified IDoc Console.

In 2015 Halewood's operational changes and business expansion meant they needed a review of their processes so we were delighted to lend a hand.

Our aim was to top up Halewood’s overall supply chain efficiency, accuracy and traceability.

We introduced vendor advanced shipping notifications (ASN) and vendor pre-labelling for raw material receipts to automate and accelerate the goods-in process. There’s now a label on every reel or pallet of raw materials so the process for entering information into SAP is simple, efficient and accurate.

We implemented SAP Handling Unit Management (HUM) and full use of radio frequency (RF) mobile data capture. This means Halewood can access real time, accurate data concerning raw materials, work in progress and finished goods, at any time or place.

Time consuming manual processes were replaced by upgrading their standard SAP warehouse management (WM) system and designing some bespoke, easy to use transactions.

In the finished goods area accuracy was improved at the point of case picking, directing the picker to an exact pallet of ingredients or packaging materials rather than just a bin location.

So the implementation phase wasn’t too much to swallow at once, the site went live in two phases. First in the raw materials area, then secondly in finished goods.

And the result? Halewood International now enjoys full supply chain batch traceability from raw materials right through to finished goods. They have seen reduced wastage of raw materials (labels, glass), higher productivity levels and improved employee satisfaction due to quicker and easier processes.

We’d say “Cheers!” to that!

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