Cosmetics brand Coty's warehouse gets a makeover.

Coty Inc. is an American beauty products manufacturer based in New York, founded in Paris. Its main products are fragrances, colour cosmetics and skin and body care products. Coty Inc. is known for its collaboration with designers and celebrities for the creation of fragrances. It's biggest brands, or "power brands" as Coty Inc. likes to call them, are Calvin Klein, Chloe, Davidoff and Marc Jacobs.

Coty Inc. realised their manufacturing processes were in need of a facelift. Their production process required manual input of labelling data, so one slip of the finger when typing in codes would lead to large quantities of stock needing reworking.

When you consider at just one of Coty's sites there are 95 devices for both coding and labelling, running across 18 production lines, you can see the risk of human error was huge. Realising labelling mistakes and the time taken-up by manual printing and checking was seriously damaging production efficiency, they came to us to see if there was anything we could do.

We knew our SAP-Certified solution, CodingControl was the perfect tool to smooth out their (production) lines. With CodingControl there is no need to manually input data so Coty Inc. can ensure that accurate standard SAP and customer specific data is sent directly to the right devices, at the right time, with no margin for error.

Coty Inc. now enjoys vastly improved uptime, faster production changeovers and less waste, saving them £75k per year. Coty's new solution offers a simple, flexible configuration and links up to 95 devices to SAP.

If your SAP Warehouse Management processes are starting to sag, you know what to do.

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