What is CodingControl?


CodingControlTM is a SAP certified, Internet of Things, solution that eradicates the risk of coding/labelling errors on your production line by:



✔   connecting all commonly used production line devices to SAP



✔   intelligently selecting label templates so fewer mistakes are made



✔   allowing you to preview actual labels and approve them prior to production



✔   eliminating the need for manual data entry as data is sent to your devices straight from SAP



✔   giving you two-way connectivity, meaning device diagnostics like consumables, batch counts and visuals can be sent to SAP, improving OEE and production up-time

What makes CodingControl different?

It's SAP certified

CodingControl is SAP certified so you can trust it works

Quick to implementation

And, it doesn’t need lots of new code or unnecessary middleware to install it

Unbeatable UX

The central FIORI cockpit is really easy and intuitive to use

You receive device diagnostic alerts

Get diagnostics, consumables and batch count alerts sent to your mobile device

Proven track record

It's already up and running, globally in some of the world’s biggest brands

It's recognised as leaded edge IoT tech

Installed in the SAP future factory, built to showcase leading SAP manufacturing technology

And, how do I benefit?

Get unbeatable ROI

Eradicate the cost of errors caused by manual data entry or incorrect template selection

Improve production efficiency & uptime

By proactively reacting to device diagnostics and consumables alerts

Protect your brand reputation

And increase customer satisfaction because of fewer recalls

Boost quality assurance and audit traceability

Save actual previews and error images in SAP to help with your audit trail

Keep your operators happy

With a simple cockpit that enables them to complete tasks quickly and easily

Improve operator efficiency

Operators can operate the CodingControl cockpit on any mobile device

"We chose CodingControl for the seamless, configurable SAP integration that it provides… it’ll offer significant improvements in both accuracy and efficiency of our print processes"
Sergi Lopez, Coty