Findo Gask walked through the door of her Project Office and closed it deliberately behind her. She walked across to one of the desks occupied by the customer’s test team. The occupant of the desk smelled the distinctive aroma of a Gask encounter before he heard the gentle whisper in his ear. The others in the test team only heard some of the whispered words and none would later agree on all that was said, but words like performance, deadline, unacceptable and useless would be a precis. The recipient of the Gask words was not happy, stood up, turned around, opened his mouth to object, just as Gask smoothly slipped the Eraser from her thigh-mounted holster and reduced the customer’s test team by one.

Findo Gask’s finely-honed Project Management reporting skills assessed the Motivation and Concentration KPIs in the seconds after the Erasure and noted respective improvements of 12 and 17 percentage points. She turned on her heel and headed to the customer’s Supply Chain Director’s office to organise a test team replenishment.

The Supply Chain Director called up the files of potential Test Team members and the first floated in the air in front of Gask. A brief analysis of the CV and Gask swiped-right for subsequent evaluation. A second person’s image replaced the first, Gask’s scowled and she said, ‘That man is a shiver looking for a spine, no chance’ and simultaneously swiped-left. This went on until there was one remaining and Gask pointed soundlessly at the new assignee’s floating image. The Supply Chain Director grunted assent and Gask left.
By the time she returned to the Project Office the new test team member was at his desk, still surrounded by the miasma of warehouse-floor and hard-labour. Noting that the Motivation KPI had risen a further 4 points, Gask felt slightly satisfied, called up her task list and switched her immense intellect to task number two.

The trouble with the real-world is that it is much more challenging than that inhabited by Findo Gask. And the use of an Eraser is apparently not allowed, no matter how helpful it would be. A Project Manager who is moves things along as efficiently as Gask, but in this world, is worth their weight in dilithium crystals. Project Management is a fundamental of software projects, which is the reason it is part of your quotes and estimates. Reducing the amount of PM to be enjoyed by a project is akin to saying ‘I don’t want this project to be as successful as it could be’.

The Project Managers that The Config Team use are all able to deliver benefits to our customers that Findo Gask could only dream about and I don’t think any of them has an Eraser, but if any comes up behind you and says ‘performance’ – sit very still...

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