My Summer Internship with The Config Team


My name is Beth and I am a second year Geography student at Newcastle University. This summer I had the fantastic opportunity to intern with The Config Team, a leading SAP Logistics Consultancy Firm based in the Lake District, working with Business Operations and Support Teams to help support the company during a busy period of growth and change. I was delighted to be offered a Business Support Internship, not just because I wanted the buzzword ‘internship’ on my CV, but I was very excited about the idea of working in a challenging and engaging environment to keep my brain ticking over summer and learn about a business sector I previously had very little engagement with.

'Thank Crunchie it's Friday'

Based at the head office in Hallbarrow, my mornings started with an arduous 10-minute walk to work with views overlooking the local farm down on the flats, the River Kent estuary out on the horizon and the rolling hills of Whitbarrow Scar in the distance. Prior to this summer, I had very little experience working in an office environment. Working in a cosy team of three or four at the head office, I was greeted with open arms, a wood burning fire place in the middle of the office and frequent deliveries of crunchies by the boxload from the Managing Director just because ‘Thank Crunchie it’s Friday’ – so just your standard office set up right?

As an innate worrier and perfectionist, starting my internship was a daunting world of different processes, systems and tasks I wasn’t sure I would be able to manage as an undergraduate. I was kept on my toes with the heart stopping, sweat inducing question: ‘what do you think about this Beth?’ following high-level internal meetings and quickly learnt to use my own initiative to get on with tasks – this was not going to be a ‘spoon-feeding-hand-holding’ type of internship.

Challenging, Yet Rewarding!

Working closely with the Business Operations and Support Team, I found myself able to make real and meaningful contributions to the business even within the first couple of days of joining the team, which was immensely relieving and satisfying. As my confidence grew, so did the range of my roles and responsibilities. I by-passed the stereotypical ‘coffee and copying’ role of an intern and found myself running project health check reports, preparing input for weekly internal meetings, and ensuring a high standard of data quality was maintained across numerous key resources, enabling reliable information to be readily accessible to Sales and Delivery teams at the click of a button.

Alongside these daily activities, I was involved in a lot of higher-level business development and project forecasting. Whilst at times challenging, I quickly discovered that the seemingly daunting tasks I had been working myself up about in the weeks leading up to my start date, were in fact completely within my capabilities as I took ideas and ran with them to create new graphs and visuals for Business Performance Review meetings. I am particularly proud of my involvement in developing the business’ Invoice and Debt Management system; whereby I worked to collate data, document a new process and communicate with members of different teams within TCT launching a Recurring Fee Tracker- just a month into my internship.

A Great Opportunity

It was immensely rewarding seeing my work materialise into live business processes and even more so knowing that my contributions to the team this summer have prompted the search for a permanent Executive Assistant to join The Config Team. I have had a great time this summer and am looking forward to returning to university knowing that I’ve made some positive contributions to the Business Support Team, and perhaps even more importantly; got my name on the Tabby’s Top Riddle Leader board.