Mr. Bill. With apologies to the great Roger Hargreaves

Mr. Bill is nothing, if not a man of self-control, so he managed to walk passed the delights of the Greggs shop, beyond Costa coffee and then he noticed a ginnel (southerners should Google this if they haven’t yet been culturally indoctrinated) that he had not seen before. Mr. Bill was intrigued by one of the shop windows full of interesting models of trucks and pallets. Inside was standing the Shopkeeper who introduced himself as Mr. Moses.

Mr. Moses didn’t say too much but pointed Mr. Bill in the direction of a changing room at the back of the shop. Mr. Moses, the Shopkeeper, is very good at pointing people in the right direction. In the changing room Mr. Bill found a pair of safety shoes, a high-viz vest, an overall and a bump cap. Mr. Bill thought it would be fun to get dressed in the clothes. When he got dressed and walk out of the changing room, as if by magic, the shop had turned into a warehouse and standing in front of Mr. Bill was Mr. Redhattan who was the Warehouse Manager. Mr. Bill looked at Mr. Redhattan and took an instant dislike to his pretty red face, his arrogant stance and being looked at down the aquiline Redhattan nose.

Mr. Redhattan passed Mr. Bill an old radio terminal scanner and told Mr. Bill to start picking the next order. Mr. Bill didn’t know where to start. There was no help on the terminal, no access to training videos, no reports on how Mr. Bill was performing. Mr. Bill was not impressed, but he did his best to get to the end of his shift using what he could pick up from other people in the warehouse.

As Mr. Bill was walking towards the warehouse exit he noticed the Shopkeeper, Mr. Moses, standing near a changing room door. Mr. Bill told Mr. Moses about his day and all about Mr. Redhattan. Mr. Moses didn’t say much but he nodded wisely and pointed Mr. Bill towards the changing room door. Mr. Moses is very good at pointing people in the right direction. Mr. Bill went into the changing room.

In the changing room were three people who were wearing high-viz vests like Mr. Bill but they had The Config Team on the back. One of them looked up and said “Hello Mr. Bill, my name is Mrs. Thorne, all is now ready, you can go back to work.” Mr. Bill said, “That was quick.” and went back through the door to the warehouse.

As if by magic, the warehouse seemed brighter and shinier and standing in front of Mr. Bill was Mr. Sapper. Mr. Sapper smiled at Mr. Bill and handed him a combined voice-terminal and scanner with a very comfortable headset. Mr. Bill pressed the ‘on’ button and followed the instructions that he was given in the headset. Mr. Bill enjoyed himself so much that he almost forgot that he had done a double-shift. As he was walking towards the exit he noticed the big screen that showed his team’s picking performance and it showed a big green light. Mr. Bill was very happy.

Standing under the screen was Mr. Moses, the Shopkeeper, with a quizzical look on his face. Mr. Bill said that he was knackered after pulling a double-shift, was going home to bed, but he would come back to the shop in the morning, if that was OK. Mr. Moses smiled and pointed to the exit. Mr. Moses is very good a pointing people in the right direction.

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