Sitting in an airport lounge recently, taking a libation to stave off dehydration, I found a seat near a group of lads clearly on their way to a Stag do somewhere. They were having a great time, mainly making fun of the groom-to-be. It was difficult not to overhear the conversation and it was peppered with words you might not use whilst speaking with your maiden aunt.

Swear words are great, but they should be used like seasoning in cooking – to add flavour to the main ingredient, not to be the main event. My overheard conversation was like an over-salted stew or Con Carne with too much chilli.

This thought process leads you to contemplate when to use a swear word. Being a warehouseman, my thoughts wandered in that area. The ‘mot juste’ to respond to a statement such as ‘SAP warehouse systems takes much longer to implement than some of the opposition solutions.’ is ‘Bollocks’.

Clearly one may need to follow-up such assertions with examples where implementations have been done in a timely, economical, effective and efficient fashion. And The Config Team has lots of these examples that we’d be delighted to share. However, the economy, effectiveness and efficiency of using ‘bollocks’ in the context above is entirely justified and reflects on the clarity of communication to expect when working with our teams.

If you need to be sworn at, or want an efficient warehouse project, get in touch here.

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