Easy Implementation

We can implement our mobile solutions into your supply chain painlessly and without slowing down your processes.

We’re able to install the apps on to your development system and test them before handing them over to you, so the risk of disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

Because Movilizer operates on the cloud we can integrate your 3PLs or any offsite activity without them needing access to your internal network.

And, if you're already using ITS we've got a number of conversions to move you quickly onto Movilizer,
if that's what you choose.

Going mobile in five easy steps:

Step one

We'll install the SAP certified Movilizer platform on your SAP system.

Step two

We'll help you identify which apps are right for you.

Step three

You can choose which configuration options you need, if any.

Step four

We'll test the apps on your development system prior to handing over to you to test and move through your landscape

Step five

We'll support you after go-live for any training and bug fixing.