6 Ways SAP Warehouse Management can make your life easier

Managing Director

The aim of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) should always be the same - to provide staff and managers with the information necessary to more efficiently track and control the movement of materials within the warehouse.

To this end, SAP offers its own Warehouse Management (WM) application, which provides flexible, automated support to assist in processing all goods movements and maintaining current stock inventories.

But while SAP WM is a powerful solution that often proves to be a cost-effective means of optimising material flow and enhancing stock management, it’s one that I’ve found many warehouse managers are unaware of. In my experience, it’s surprisingly common that companies do not know they could be augmenting their existing SAP software with WM – a system that can offer so much and is relatively cheap to implement.

That is not to say everyone should immediately rush out to change their existing WMS, or even for those without a WMS to automatically choose WM, as this solution is not necessarily for all companies, especially not for those without SAP.

For those not already using SAP, WM as an independent, standalone option doesn't offer the versatility or power of a combined package, where WM is integrated within an existing SAP framework. Moving away from an independent WMS solution and towards an integrated approach, such as one utilising WM in conjunction with SAP, offers advantages to warehouse managers:

  • If your company is already using SAP, it can implement SAP WM at minimal cost, when compared to the initial implementation investment
  • An integrated WMS means there is no need for complex interfacing between different systems
  • SAP WM is a stable, proven solution
  • Key functionalities offered by other WMS can be built into SAP WM as custom functionality at a much lower cost
  • Supports high-end systems which include tracking and routing technologies, such as Radio Frequency Identification and voice recognition
  • Processes goods receipts, goods issues and stock transfers quickly and easily

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