Mobile Purchase Order & Requisition Approval

Purchase Order & Requisition Approval is a crucial business function that you need to get right.

Any inefficiency in the approval process has the potential to slow down your entire operation. As your workforce wait for approvals, vital productivity is being lost.

The PO & PR Approval App allows users to easily view and approve on the move, on any mobile device. Users are alerted when new POs or PRs have been released, so there’s no need to log into SAP.

It takes just a matter of seconds to approve or reject and it works with both single and multiple release levels. Users can record reasons for their decision in the app which is then updated in SAP, providing an invaluable audit trail.

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Improve productivity

The app removes the bottleneck of waiting for PO approvals, making your whole operation more productive.

Approve POs on the move

POs can be approved from anywhere, at any time, so there’s no need to wait until you’re back at your desk to release the backlog of POs.

Get push notifications

There’s no need to log into SAP for POs to be released. You’ll get an automatic notification whenever a new PO is created.

It’s customisable to suit you

You can add custom fields based on your business needs.

View attachments

Any attachments to the PO such as PDFs, can be viewed on your mobile device.

You can brand it

Our apps allow you to add brand colours and logos.

"The Config Team are an engaging, fun and supportive service provider that have a real personal approach. They understand the demands of the logistics arena, providing a great balance of pragmatism with professionalism."
Trevor Barrett, Premier Foods


Purchase Order Approval

Easily view and approve POs on the move, on any mobile device.

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