Want more from your SAP logistics apps?

Do your mobile screens look like this?

Did you know, the same task could look like this?

And, you can get extra functionality that’s not available in ITS

like GPS, sign-on-glass and image capture.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about lost data due to signal dropouts.

If you lose signal, you can work offline using local data storage and sync to SAP later. And the apps work on 3G and wifi.

So, how do you get these lovely looking apps?

Honeywell Movilizer is a software platform for building user friendly and intuitive apps. And, The Config Team are SAP supply chain specialists who’ve used Movilizer to create 100+ SAP certified apps exclusively for use in busy warehouses, manufacturing and logistics.

Your ITS apps can be easily converted to their equivalent Movilizer apps with minimal disruption. You won’t lose any functionality, you’ll only gain.

And, as the apps are all pre-built, installation is quick with minimal disruption to your operations.

See our apps in action

You can download our demo app to your smartphone so you can try out our most popular logistics apps for yourself, today.

To chat about how our apps could benefit you,
give Nigel a call on (+44) 7494 263 101.

What other extras to ITS are there?

Improved productivity

ITS can be fiddly, which slows operators down. Movilizer apps are navigated by large intuitive buttons and easy drop down menus so work can be completed quickly and your overall workforce productivity will increase, driving operation costs down.

Improved user satisfaction

Because the apps are user friendly, your workforce will find them much easier to use.

Reduced training needs

If you’ve got a fluctuating workforce you don’t need to worry about costly training. New users can get the hang of the apps quickly.

Integrate with your 3PLs

Because the apps work on the cloud you can integrate your 3PLs without giving them access to your internal network.

Works on any mobile device

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a smartphone or a ruggedised device, the apps will work on your existing hardware.

Incorporate your brand

The apps can include your logo and brand colours.

Connect to SAP without middleware

The apps give you two-way, real-time connectivity to SAP without any additional software to implement and maintain.