About Movilizer for SAP Logistics

There’s different ways you can introduce barcode driven mobility into your SAP warehouse. You can use SAP’s ITS (Internet Transaction Server), SMP (SAP Mobile Platform) and SAP FIORI, or you could choose an alternative to the SAP owned platforms, such as Honeywell Movilizer. Movilizer is the simple intuitive solution for rapid barcode scanning and data entry. A market leading interface allows quick uptake in the warehouse for fast results.

Honeywell Movilizer

We’ve built a library of apps using Movilizer software. We use the Movilizer platform because it delivers all the functionality needed for a fully integrated, end to end warehouse logistics, including 3PLs, in a way that’s really easy for the operator to use. To find out how we can benefit you, get in touch. We'll be happy to show you a demo. Just give us a call.

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Why Movilizer is different

Supports barcode scanning

That means Movilizer allows data capture for 1D and 2D barcodes (SSCC, Odette, GS1, QR Codes, Data Matrix etc).

Print barcode labels

Use Movilizer to drive the printing of barcodes and other labels from your SAP system (Pallet labels, Goods Receipt labels etc)

It’s device agnostic

That means Movilizer works on most mobile devices from a smartphone, barcode data capture terminals, tablets, truck mounted computers and ruggedized mobile devices.

It doesn’t need middleware

Movilizer apps have two-way connectivity to SAP so you get real-time updates without any additional software to implement and maintain.

It’s secure

It operates using your SAP login so only shows you the tasks that are relevant to you, and that you’re authorised to complete.

It’s easier to use

Movilizer apps have a user friendly, graphical dashboard much like a smartphone, so new users can learn how to use the apps quickly. You can also embed how-to videos within the app itself, making training even easier.

You can brand it

Movilizer allows you to brand the app with your brand colours and add your logo.

There’s lots of additional functionality

Movilizer apps let you instant message, attach pictures or additional text to reports, and tracks GPS. All this improves communication and traceability.

It’s configurable

You can turn fields on and off depending on your organisation’s needs so users only see the fields that are necessary for your specific processes. This again improves
the user experience and ease of use.

ITS can easily be converted to Movilizer

If you’re using ITS and want to take advantage of all the extra features Movilizer offers you can painlessly convert your processes onto the Movilizer apps without losing any functionality. You’ll only gain.

There’s apps for every SAP module

There’s pre-built, tried and tested apps in WM, EWM, PP, SD, QM, MM/IM and ENG. STORES.

There’s no risk of data loss in network drop outs

You can operate the apps on the Cloud or with Direct Sync and the remote infrastructure means they work at offsite stores too.

You can integrate easily with 3PLs

Movilizer works on the cloud so you can integrate with 3PLs without giving them access to your internal network. You can’t do this with other systems like ITS.

"Great team, who assimilate really well into the business, they quickly become part of the internal delivery team."
Maureen Allison, Halewood International