06 Jun 2017

Getting Married

What a stupid thing to do. You take two disparate entities, from entirely different backgrounds, with completely different ways of communicating and shove them together. What could possibly go wrong?

19 Apr 2017

Call the Midwife

Some uneducated people seem to think that the most intense emotional event that one can experience is the birth of a child. These people have obviously never been through a warehouse system go-live. The birth of a new system is always intense and you always remember the people you have around you when the great moment arrives.

13 Mar 2017

Trench Warfare

About 100 years ago, some stupid old men, a bit like me, decided that some small bits of France and Belgium were worth fighting over. Huge amounts of effort, planning, time, equipment and, unfortunately, lives were expended to move the boundary between two huge masses a few metres either way. Some people think that such foolishness was the product of the early 20th century, but let me tell you that the same nonsense and muddled thinking is happening right here, right now and in the warehousing world.

22 Feb 2017

I hate Excel

At the risk of alienating one of the great global corporations and many of their customers, I hate Excel.

I hate Excel because people use it for the wrong job, particularly in the warehouse environment for reporting.

08 Feb 2017

Are your production devices talking back? They should be!

There’s the obvious benefits for connecting your production line devices to SAP. You can control them from a central point. SAP does the work of selecting which label template you need. And, you can send data to them at the touch of a button, instead of having an operator manually keying in data into every individual machine. But all that communication is very one-way. And we all know in any good relationship, communication needs to be a two-way process. So, what might your devices be wanting to tell you?

24 Jan 2017

Is 2017 the year of RFID (again)?

Without wishing to reveal how long I’ve been in this industry, I’ve been hearing the phrase “this is the year of RFID” for at least 15 years. But it’s never quite taken off like everyone has been expecting.
RFID is pretty cool technology and given the right application it can solve a lot of business challenges, so what’s stopping everyone from getting on board?

21 Dec 2016

What’s in store for 2017

It’s traditional at this time of year, between handfuls of Christmas chocolates (we started early at The Config Team) to look back at the past year and start to think about the year ahead.

Last week, it was our annual Christmas conference, where each team presented their achievements in 2016, and their plans for 2017. There were lots of predictions, from across our organisation, of where the SAP supply chain industry would take us next year. Here’s just a handful.What do you think? Do you agree?

28 Nov 2016

Movilizer Days, then and now

In November, I had the pleasure of attending Movilizer Days for the second time. Movilizer Days are a fantastic opportunity for customers and developers to meet and learn from each other, and discover how IoT (internet of things) solutions can improve operations and user experience.

Earlier this year Movilizer was bought by Honeywell, so the first thing I noticed was the black and yellow t-shirts of Movilizer were out, and the red and white ones of Honeywell were in.

17 Nov 2016

Internet of things: the disconnect between the future and the now

This month I flew over to the very impressive World Forum, in The Netherlands, for the SAP International Conference on the Supply Chain.

I’ve worked in the logistics arena for many years, but I must confess I’m a new comer to the world of SAP. Since I joined The Config Team in September, it’s been a steep learning curve getting up to speed with SAP. So, I was looking forward to this, my first ever SAP conference, to learn as much as I could about where SAP is heading over the coming years.