20 Nov 2018


The present Mrs. Scott wants a new kitchen. Therefore, the immutable laws of nature dictate that Mrs. Scott will get a kitchen.

04 Oct 2018


Findo Gask walked through the door of her Project Office and closed it deliberately behind her. She walked across to one of the desks occupied by the customer’s test team.

21 Sep 2018

My Summer Internship with The Config Team

Hello! My name is Beth and I am a second year Geography student at Newcastle University. This summer I had the fantastic opportunity to intern with The Config Team, a leading SAP Logistics Consultancy Firm based in the Lake District, working with Business Operations and Support Teams to help support the company during a busy period of growth and change.

25 Apr 2018

Mobility solutions - shaping the supply chain of the future

Logistics managers are constantly looking to solve a unique set of challenges that threaten to disrupt the flow of their supply chains. Any disruption in the supply chain, however minor, can cause product shipments and other warehouse operations to come to a halt.

25 Apr 2018


There was a 13th century Persian poet and philosopher called Rumi, who tells a story about elephants.

16 Oct 2017

Paradigm Shift

Let me start this missive with a history lesson. Once-upon-a-time there was just Shank’s Pony for moving stuff around. Some clever person then invented the cart and this was easier.

07 Aug 2017

Abject Normality

I was talking with my brother-in-law about one of the Rugby League Challenge Cup matches and he used a wonderful phrase about the performance of one of the teams – abject normality.

07 Jul 2017


Sitting in an airport lounge recently, taking a libation to stave off dehydration, I found a seat near a group of lads clearly on their way to a Stag do somewhere. They were having a great time, mainly making fun of the groom-to-be.